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Made in Mars
Made in Mars
Made in Mars
Made in Mars

Made In Mars

Made in Mars

Is life on another planet possible?

The look into the future and as-

sociated social utopias are a topic

of our time. I have created for me

a utopian reality on another planet

in a possible future. The collection

is walking a borderline between

portable and unwearable, between

organic and inorganic, between

fashion, art and costume. Plastic as

an untipical matrial for cloth I used

to deform and recycle. Something

known got a new identity.

How does humanity could evolve

in the future? Will there still be mass-

production? What value will have

fashion and clothing? Today it says

"Made in China" and tomorrow

it says "Made in Mars"?


"Made in Mars"

photography: Djamila Grossman

model: Gregor

fashion:Helene Werner

Made in Mars
Made in Mars

(un) edible

It creeps, crawls, sticks and winds.

Unknowing what itself is, it is looking

for a home. Beautiful and unsightly

at the same. It captures my eye.

A collection inspired by animals, which

through their grace and at the same time

unsightliness create an ambivalent feeling

with me and thus arouse my fascination.

"(un)edible appealing..."

photography: Nancy Göring

model: Lisa

fashion: Helene Werner

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A men's shirt.

A white space with delicate lines

located due to function and strict

rules. Without these it wouldn't

be a men's shirt? Lines of collar,

front pocket and cuff seem to dis-

appear. Functions vanish but the

shirt remains a shirt.

During my Erasmus semster in

Geneva at the HEAD university

my creation in the workshop

"Unisex shirt" was selected to

be a giveaway for the VIPs on

the fashionshow in 20013. Two

hundred pieces were industrial



photography: Helene Werner

model: Hélène, Sebastian