costume design



Stella Geppert

Inclusive Break, Liu Haisu Museum, Shanghai, China


costume design: Helene Werner

This performance by Stella Geppert is based on IMMERSION #02, a pigment drawing from the series “Over Night”. Her impression of sleep becomes a platform to perform. The enclosed pillows are very fragile, and the performers move between falling and cautiously hovering into sleep. The adaptable sleeping objects transform their appearance depending on how they relate to the body of the performer. Sleepiness slowly spreading into the space is intentional. The duration of the performance works with the collective moment of fatigue that spills over from one person to another.


short film

director - Anna Ilin

camera - Eli Boernicke

costume design - Helene Werner

The collage-like observations in this short film shows a young woman who enters into a love affair with her car. She emancipates herself through her relationship and adapts more and more to her new love partner.

Rider II




Juli Kreutzer, Kasia Wolinska

costume design: Helene Werner

organisation: Bürgerstiftung Halle

For a week we danced, tinkered and designed. Students in Halle created their own wild creatures in dance and costume. With simple tricks the participants were able to create their own costumes from reusable materials and give valuable textiles a new life.