A men's shirt.


A white space with delicate lines

located due to function and strict

rules. Without these it wouldn't

be a men's shirt? Lines of collar,

front pocket and cuff seem to dis-

appear. Functions vanish but the

shirt remains a shirt.


During my Erasmus semster in

Geneva at the HEAD university

my creation in the workshop

"Unisex shirt" was selected to

be a giveaway for the VIPs on

the fashionshow in 20013. Two

hundred pieces were industrial




photography: Helene Werner

model: Hélène, Sebastian




(un) edible



It creeps, crawls, sticks and winds.

Unknowing what itself is, it is looking

for a home. Beautiful and unsightly

at the same. It captures my eye.


A collection inspired by animals, which

through their grace and at the same time

unsightliness create an ambivalent feeling

with me and thus arouse my fascination.


photography: Nancy Göring

model: Lisa

collection: Helene Werner

publication in ...







Graphic stripes in combination with digital printing of floral faces are wrapped and draped around the female body. It shows fantastic heroines, who escaped from a surreal comic.



photography: Nancy Göring

model: Ute



inside out


After every big journey you changed a bit and gained experiences. No one can see it from the outside, or does it glance through?


Appearance and hiding as a theme and layering as a method... the inside on the big screen.


In cooperation with the jewelry designer Eleonore d'Ottiva, we created outfits with vivid patterns and unexpected material mixtures.


photography: Helene Werner